6 Common LED Chip Models for Outdoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

//6 Common LED Chip Models for Outdoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

6 Common LED Chip Models for Outdoor Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Small Pixel Pitch Outdoor

With the upgrade and improvement of outdoor small-pitch LED products, outdoor applications are also continuously subdivided. LEDs are not only dazzling decorations hanging high on the outer walls of buildings, but more and more small-area, close-range applications have entered the public eye.

Due to the high pixel density in the cell size, the small pitch is more and more used in close-range and small-area projects in the outdoor, which realizes the use of delicate and close-to-view images. Therefore, it is suitable for near-sight applications. It is favored in small market segments such as kiosks/newsstands, bus stops, chain luxury store windows, community information broadcasting, outdoor seating ads, light pole advertisements, shops, thresholds, gas stations, etc. Spacing products.

In particular, in recent years, the number of pedestrian streets and commercial plazas in the city has gradually increased, and a large number of well-known brands and luxury goods at home and abroad have been settled in these commercial streets. Playing brand information on LEDs is also becoming more and more popular. The excellent display effect of close-up viewing of small-pitch LEDs is very suitable for installation in windows or on the street.

At the same time, with the maturity of outdoor small-pitch LED display technology, the outdoor and semi-outdoor digital signage market will be the potential market for outdoor small-pitch LED display applications. The outdoor digital signage market size structure changes and the medium and large size is more popular. The complex outdoor environment puts higher requirements on the original display terminal. Among them, “highlighting”, “high protection” and “tolerance” are the primary prerequisites. At this level, small-pitch LEDs have a natural absolute advantage over traditional LCD digital signage.

First, the small spacing of outdoor LED display: In the current consumption upgrade, because the outdoor LED display has a fixed position, it can become a regional mark; various forms of expression, strong plasticity; high arrival rate, good communication effect, and other media characteristics, and It has many advantages, such as large impact on mobile people, more realistic, repeatable appeals, and high information arrival rate. Therefore, although the LED display screen is still appearing in China, it has gradually entered our lives. As the end user’s display requirements for the display screen become higher and higher, the outdoor LED display with smaller spacing is inevitably more popular.

According to the LED display * line of sight (* line of sight: just able to clearly see the vertical distance of the position of the entire content on the display relative to the screen) formula (pixel spacing [mm] * 3000 – pixel spacing [ Mm] * 1000) conversion, the conventional P10 and P8 display on the market, * * line of sight are 8-24m and 10-30m respectively, when viewing at close range, the “graininess” of the picture will be very obvious.

However, with the popularization of outdoor LED display commercialization, more and more LED display screens are located in the business district and the bustling streets, becoming a sophisticated full-color door or a dazzling window full screen, the distance from the crowd is getting more and more Recently, it is necessary to continuously reduce the dot pitch to ensure a high-quality viewing experience. With the increasing demand for close-range viewing, it has, in turn, prompted the P5 below the small-pitch outdoor LED display to become an inevitable trend. It is also the outdoor LED display with P5 and the following spacing, the outdoor advertising big screen is no longer “high on the top”, outdoor seating ads and low column advertising become popular. Even within 5 meters, the picture is still clear and delicate, which enables the audience to watch at a close distance and enhance the communication effect of the media.

2. The “Environmental Protection Law” stipulates that enterprises and institutions that discharge pollutants shall take measures to prevent pollution and harm to the environment caused by light radiation generated in production or other activities. Since the first “light pollution” lawsuit in Jinan in 2002, “light pollution” has become a problem that every LED manufacturer must face and solve. Although the lawsuit ended in the plaintiff’s defeat, it does not mean LED. The main object of the display screen is not responsible, and on December 28, 2018, Li Mou and others in Chongqing Jiangjin District sued the outdoor LED display light pollution case, which once again sounded the alarm for many outdoor LED manufacturers. Manufacturers do not want to unilaterally pursue brightness and cause additional consumption and pollution.

Third, the innovative development of outdoor LED display: With the advancement of technology, outdoor LED large screen has achieved network broadcasting in regional and even the whole country and can be used with social media and mobile terminals such as Weibo, LBS geolocation, face recognition, etc. The application combines to interact. Outdoor LED Large-screen media is developing in the direction of the network, digital and information platform, and will also bring greater market profit and innovation and development space to LED display enterprises.

With the advent of the era of personalized consumption, the outdoor LED display styling also presents a trend of diversification and personalization, which not only can bring people a visual aesthetic but also may become a city “business card” to help urban landscape construction. It can be visually achieved to help advertisers easily achieve outdoor communication. For example, the huge nine-in-one LED display in Spokane, Washington, this fantastic video solution combines a special design with the architecture of a new building, while also taking into account the external windows, installed above the resort’s main entrance. Nine LED video displays are created in a striking manner outside the building to create an LED digital media look.

In 2019, it will be a year of rapid development of outdoor LED display, almost occupying the outdoor LED display market of the LED display industry, and will continue to usher in the fierce competition of major manufacturers, in addition to quality requirements, display area, In addition to the need for continuous optimization in terms of personalization and environmental protection, the demand for after-sales services will be greater and higher, which will be a key factor in opening up the competitive gap and gaining market share. Who can take the lead, who can stand in an invincible position in the future market competition and lead a new round of market demand.

The following is a description of the small-pitch outdoor LED chips commonly used in the market:

I. National Star Outdoor 1415 Surface Type:

National Star Outdoor 1415 Surface Type

1.Innovative outdoor LED structure, bottom pin design, easier filling

The outdoor application environment is complex. Generally, the display device is easy to be ineffective due to insufficient protection. The RS-C1415 adopts a PCB structure, and the encapsulation rubber and the support material have similar characteristics, and the mutual adhesion is enhanced, and the moisture vapor is more difficult to infiltrate, thereby avoiding device failure, and at the same time The leads are pulled from the bottom to help reduce the thickness of the potting and provide great flexibility for outdoor mask design.

2.Shared cathode package, high brightness and energy saving

When the LED display pixel spacing is getting smaller and smaller, the number of LEDs used per unit area increases exponentially. Taking P2.5mm pitch as an example, the amount of LED per square meter is as high as 160,000. How to control the temperature rise of the screen and reduce the power consumption has also plagued many LED display designers.

At this time, the common structure is driven. It can use RGB to separate power supply, reduce red voltage and reduce useless power consumption. On the one hand, the energy saving effect can be achieved. The theoretical calculation can save energy by about 20%. On the other hand, useless power consumption will directly reduce heat generation and thus reduce screen. Body temperature to extend the life of the display.

RS-C1415 uses a common cathode package, which not only saves electricity and reduces consumption, but also has a brightness of 5000nit. The high-energy-saving products carry our sense of responsibility for environmental protection.

RS-C1415 parameter typical value:


View angle



3.Matte matte, high contrast, good consistency

Since it is necessary to watch at a close distance, the consistency of the entire screen of the LED display screen is a top priority, otherwise, the user’s viewing experience is extremely poor. The RS-C1415 uses a full black frame and matte package and has excellent appearance consistency. Due to the black matte design, the darkness of the screen is darker and the contrast is higher. Even when viewed at close range, the display is also excellent.

As the newest member of the REESTAR family, RS-C1415 inherits the excellent “blood” of REESTAR:
①. High technology – innovative technology waterproof structure
②. High brightness – the brightness of the whole screen can reach 5000nit under the premise of energy saving
②. High reliability – using the automotive grade industrial-grade standard AEC-Q102

II. Ruifeng photoelectric outdoor 1212 surface type:

Ruifeng photoelectric outdoor 1212 surface type

At present, Ruifeng Optoelectronics has developed the 1212 RGB SMD device with the smallest outdoor size specification, which can be used to make ultra-small outdoor display with minimum P1.8 spacing. Compared with the P2.5 display, the number of LEDs used is increased by 90%, and the price can be increased by at least 100%. On the one hand, it can meet the rigid needs of end customers, and on the other hand, it can greatly increase sales and profits.

Small pixel pitch Outdoor Ruifeng 1212

III. Kinglight outdoor 1820 surface type:

Kinglight outdoor 1820 surface type

Kinglight Outdoor 1820 -1

Kinglight Outdoor 1820 -2

IV. MLS outdoor 1919 surface type

MLS outdoor 1919 surface type

•Small size, small size, high outdoor density;
•New moisture-proof structure design, excellent airtightness;
•Matte matte glue, high contrast;
•Large capacity, 1000KK / month
•Application: Outdoor P3.91-P5

MLS outdoor 1919 surface type

V. DSBJ 1921 surface type:

DSBJ 1921 surface type

Outdoor RGB (L/F series)

• High air-tightness, water-proof and weather resistance of special designed L/F

• Good consistency of side-brushing

• High refresh, high current resistance, and no migration

• Special epoxy makes no peeling and high UV resistance

VI: Xinda 1516 surface type:


Products and features

ModelEmitting lightEmitting LightLens Color
XD-AF1516RGBI-1A1XS0R:AlGaInP; G/B:InGaNRGBFog Matte

High lighting  technology

Viewing Angle: 110 Degree

Low power consumption

Moisture levels: level 3


Meet RoHS Certification

All-round brush black

Gold wire bonding

Insourcing feet, surface matte


P2.5-P3.2 Outdoor/Indoor full-color screen P2.5-P3.2

Decorative light



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