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Why LEADING for Building Facade wall solution?

Large format LED Building Facade became the new noble of outdoor advertising media market. The glass wall of building is a newly-unique innovation in modern time, which features in an appropriate combination of structure, function, energy saving and aesthetics. Depending on various lights, people watching from different angle may have unique feeling. people believe that the brands who have the ability to show their advertising on large format LED Building Facade will offer customers high quality products and service.

As time goes by, magnificent glass walls are employed in more metropolises around the world, such as World Trade Center in New York, Chicago Amoco Building, Sears Tower, Building of BOC in Hong Kong, Beijing Great Wall Hotel, and etc.

LEADING has an independent R&D team focused on the transparent LED display and provide indoor and outdoor solutions. High transparency remains natural lighting and harmonious inside environment. Central control helps support and operate several displays synchronously, and at the same time ensures info updated timely. In addition, all video formats are supported.

According to data, glass wall is becoming the main choice in city construction. In China, the area of glass wall has been already over 70 million, and these buildings are almost grouped in urban city. With such a huge reserve, the market for transparent LED display is immeasurable and potential, especially at the time when the outdoors urban advertisement is going down. Furthermore, the transparent LED display could be used in diverse fields, such as buildings with glass wall, shopping malls, sightseeing elevators or lifts, and etc.

Working as an “advertiser building”, the transparent LED display must manage all the following issues.

1) Protect the external design and internal structure of the glass wall.

2) Keep transparency.

3) Maximize the ad effects.

LEADING all the time devotes itself into the R&D of Transparent LED display, whose models enjoy the following features.

1) High transparency maximizes the natural lighting.

2) Module is slim-shaped with 10mm and light-weight with 8kg/m², making little effect on the space or building structure.

3) Without steel structures, it is simple and economical to setup and maintain.

4) Better ad and artistic effects with media images suspending on the glass wall.

LEADING offer solution for large format LED Building Facade together with installation service to the customer. Show us picture of the building that you want to fix the LED facade, describing your idea about the facade, LEADING staff will offer you solution proposal to realize your creative idea.

Building Facade wall

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