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Basic knowledge of COB LED Display


What is COB Technology?
COB (Chip-on-board) LED technology is the latest in full color product advancement using a state of the art, base of chip surface bonding technique combined with high precision dispensing.

How is Chip-on-Board technology formed?
The bare IC is mounted directly on the substrate on the back of the PCB, then using a special method of welding using a pure gold wire, a bond is made between the base and silicon chip, then finally the COB is packaged together to form the full color module.

What are the advantages of COB Technology?
This new and unique technicality has a number of advantages over existing technologies such as SMD and DIP LEDs. Due to the small size of the LED chip, the COB system allows for a much higher packing density than SMD (SMT), the result being a more compact array giving better uniformity and higher intensity even at a close distance and greater heat dissipation for better stability, reliability and lifespan.

How to define a good LED Screen´╝č
Stability: Material, Technology process, Heat dissipation
Lighting efficiency: Uniformity, Grayscale, Lighting angle, Contrast, Refresh rate, Brightness
Durability: Anti-collision, Damp and water proof, Dust proof, Anti-oil stain, Anti oxidation, Anti-static electricity
Power Consumption: Energy saving qualities