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Why LEADING for Control room& Conference solution

Leading corporations, governments, broadcasters, utilities, security and traffic authorities rely on LEADING control room display solutions to monitor their networks, identify problems and drive to quick resolution. Navigating through big data, multiple IP or analog video streams and computer sources around the globe requires the latest video wall and image processing solutions, whether the control room is for 200 operators working for a telecommunications firm or three engineers smoothing out an oil and gas pipeline.

Making Better Decisions, Faster

Modern boardroom meetings increasingly depend on real-time update of information, multi-site collaboration and video-conferencing in high definition. With the help of Video walls, the decision makers can visualize and connect with every project, having all information in real time and take decisions and necessary action. 
Visualizing big data, engaging with multiple video sources, and PC applications is putting more demand on display technology in the workplace. LEADING’s offering brings that data to life so that real-time decisions can be made in mission critical environments. High resolution video walls and workstation displays make it possible.

Big Video Walls for Big Data

Seamless rear-projection video walls or fine pitch direct view LED video walls leave data and video sources unobstructed. Powerful processing technology allow a single desktop to scale the wall and multiple sources to be displayed and configured on the wall.

Exceptional Value for the Integrator and Client

LEADING’s control room solutions are engineered to make design, installation and maintenance less expensive and have a lower total cost of ownership optimized for control room environments, with features like front serviceability and LED illumination.

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