7 Ways to determine whether a Transparent LED screen is good or bad

//7 Ways to determine whether a Transparent LED screen is good or bad

7 Ways to determine whether a Transparent LED screen is good or bad

Transparent LED screens are already selling like hot cakes. Transparent LED screen manufacturers are also large-scale growth, but how to judge the quality of Transparent LED screen Some people say that through the appearance of the panels can be judged roughly, is it true? At present, many manufacturers produce transparent LED panel similar, even if the appearance is different, the same construction principle, circuit board, beads, wire and so on. How To make a preliminary judgment on the quality of Transparent LED screen by closely relying on eyes, LEADING LED TECH sums up some methods here for your reference:

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  1. Compare brightness, will acrylic plate close to the same number of modules and then slowly up a short distance, here to see whether the brightness of the lights can meet their own requirements. Of course, the module directly in the text inside the more direct, the higher the brightness of the lamp, the higher the requirements of the original also relatively high. Pure indoor environment can use low brightness, but if it is window Transparent LED screen or led glass screen wall, then will have a higher requirement for the brightness of the  Transparent LED screen.
  1. While looking at the brightness, pay attention to the uniformity of the light, and be sure to notice if there is a chromatic aberration (this is quite important) when looking at white light-you may not be able to see it if you cover it with a thin sheet of White Paper So use a certain thickness of acrylic. There is no color difference is the most important part to distinguish between good and bad quality, but also Transparent LED screen price differences lead to one of the main reasons.
  1. Wire discrimination. The most direct way is to peel off the outside and count the number of cores. There are generally 11,14,15,17,19 cores or even 20,30 cores. The more the better the quality of copper core is the best.
  1. Lamp bead temperature. After lighting for a period of time, with a hand touch LED beads, high temperature or even hot hand certainly no low temperature stability is good.

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  1. Solder joint quality. Solder joint full proof welding technology is good, good glossiness of solder spot proof is good; welding technology is bad, the quality unqualified solder paste easy appear false welding, cause lamp, IC appear contact bad phenomenon, follow-up maintenance trouble, increase maintenance cost.
  1. Transparent LED screen paste lamp: At present, there are two ways of making Transparent LED screen, one is a positive light, one is the side light. Although the side light has a high transparency, the light beads packaging technology is to be tested in the market, and the positive light beads are the traditional led display lights beads, aftermarket testing, the quality is very stable.
  1. PCB Board thickness. If the PCB board is thick, it will affect the Transparent LED screen permeability.

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