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Why LEADING for message center solution?

Signs have been used by businesses of all shapes and sizes for centuries. In the past few decades, one particular type of sign has become increasingly popular: the electronic message center (EMC). Powered by advanced technology and vibrant LED displays, these signs are extremely effective forms of marketing and advertising. They allow you to send a custom message to your customers or community whenever you please through the easy-to-use software. Whether your goal is to increase your impulse business or provide a better experience for customers within your store, an EMC can help support your goals.

LEADING’s electronic message centers (EMCs) solution provide the most flexible solution available for a dynamic advertising medium or a source of community information. Our LED signs use energy-efficient, low-maintenance, light emitting diode (LED) technology with a half-life of approximately 100,000 hours. Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) are computerized programmable electronic visual communication devices designed for an outside environment. EMCs are capable of storing and displaying different images and formats that can be programmed to show for different durations of time. Electronic Message Centers will allow you to change your message often, but without the added cost of replacing physical sign parts, letters or any cost of labor in changing your sign. They are completely programmable and can even change automatically depending on the time of day. Electronic Message Center cabinets are designed to withstand the elements like rain, snow and sunlight. The ultra-bright LEDs allow the sign to still be seen in the sunlight and make it an effective marketing tool during all hours of the day.

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