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Why LEADING for street light pole LED display solution?

Because of the popularization of outdoor led display advertising medium, the hot display installation site is getting valuable. Because of the light pollution from led display, the approval procedures for outdoor led display installation is getting complicated and hard. And due to the negative effects of the global economic malaise in recent years, the digital media advertising industry is impacted a lot except for some necessary landmark digital media. All the reasons come to one result that smaller size street light pole led display is more suitable for the digital media market.

LEADING’s street light pole led display has advantages of small screen size for high space utilization, can be designed as simultaneously control for mass screen numbers via internet broadcast technology. They can be mounted the light poles of a certain street and create a scale effect in the area for road guide, traffic broadcasts, information release as well as advertising promotion and so on. Just imagine, what a big visual shock to audiences it is if dozens or hundreds of light pole screens are loop playing the same ads at the same time. It absolutely will enhance the audience memory about the ads, that’s to say light pole led display can be as excellent as a big outdoor led display.

The main purpose of the light pole led display is to replace the light box on the poles. At present the double side light box in market can play maximum two ads and customer groups need to change the ads every few months, it’s a severe limitation for advertising industry. But the light pole led display doesn’t have the problem because make advertising emissions without limitation, in this way it increases the utilization rate of light pole ads position. In other hand, light box can only show a print ad by an image but the light pole screen can play dynamic video advertising which is more attractive and illustrative than a picture.

In a word, light pole led display video advertising media is better than traditional light box advertising media and it will become a new favorite in the DOOH market.

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