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Why LEADING for LED taxi sign solution?

The taxis mounted with GPS LED advertising screen can display advertising among the whole city synchronously. Advertising content can be seen clearly within 50 meters. It is of high brightness, long life, varieties of publishing and displaying ways, high accuracy of advertising publishing and high stability of products.

Taxi GPS LED advertising screen is a kind of advertising form created according to the strong mobility, long service time and wide coverage area of taxi. It takes taxi as advertising carrier and brings the publishing function of advertising and GPS positioning monitoring of taxi together, which achieves the results that not only publishing advertising but also guaranteeing the safety of the taxi. It makes good use of the features of taxi and its need for security. Taxi GPS LED advertising screen is of wild audience with its timely and large quantities advertising publishing and unique advertising forms.

1. Basic Information About Taxi LED Advertising Display
1) Installation area: the top of the taxi
2) Standard size: 1040mm x 400mm x 230mm (also can be customized)
3) Advertising forms: can display texts, images, video, etc.

2. Product introduction and advantage
Taxi LED advertising screen applies high-performance control system, which is of stable performance, high reliability and power protection function, thus can be completely off-line operation. Large amount of information stored. The light tube uses imported high brightness LED light-emitting chips. It possesses the features as cheap price, beautiful appearance and simple post-maintenance, etc.


3. Advertising Operation Scheme
The operators of this operation pattern is the executor of the commercial model, such as the advertising company. Its main functions are as below:
1) To invest funds and equipment, set up taxi movable advertising media platform, to ensure to realize the function of each connector and to maintain and manage the platform.
2) To invest funds to buy vehicle-mounted GPS equipment and install it for taxis without any charge, and to undertake the maintenance and operation expenses each month.

3) To establish a good relationship with the government and to apply for political and financial support for the project from the government.

4) To look for advertising clients that are interested in this kind of media platform, such as public service ads of each department of the government, the latest government news conference, weather, etc. to obtain advertising revenue. The taxi management office, drivers and taxi enterprises don’t have any burden of cost in this mode because the services for them are free of charge. Thus there won’t be resistance within the taxi system and also it will bring income for taxi enterprises later when the advertising revenue reaches a certain level in return. Compared with the traditional ways as ink-jet advertisements, taxi top LED display owns the features as no damage to the vehicle itself, clean and beautiful automobile body, and also promote the city image. With such an obvious advantage in promoting ways, in can be a lifetime investment.


4, Advantages of Taxi LED Mobile Media Platform
Taxi LED mobile media advertising has strong liquidity visibility, upscale, clean and perfect. Taxi operates day and night, its LED advertising comes to your sight at any time with no time and district restrictions. It has an unparalleled advantage compared with television, newspapers and other advertising media. Product popularity index rose straightly after the client publishes advertising, thus gain the economical and social benefits as small investment, high-impact, quick effect, long time and wide audience.

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